20 juin 2011

Question for you - Bilingual posts or not???

This will be a bilingual message! / Ce sera un message bilingue!

I know, by my stats and comments, that many of my viewers speaks english. I'd love to know if you'd like to have bilingual posts. Maybe it could be helpful. I'm not perfectly fluent in english but there's always google translate to help me. So please, let me know what you think about that in the comments! Many thanks!!

Je sais, par mes statistiques et commentaires, que beaucoup de mes lecteurs parlent anglais. J'aimerais savoir si vous aimeriez avoir des post bilingues. Peut-être que cela vous serait utile. Je ne suis pas parfaitement bilingue, mais google traduction est toujours là pour m'aider. Donc, faites-le moi savoir dans les commentaires. Merci beaucoup!

3 commentaires:

  1. I love your blog and some of it I do understand (had french at school for 3 years lol) but I would love a bilingual blog, so I wouldn't miss a thing! :o)

  2. I actually enjoy reading your blog in French because it helps me to practice! I took French throughout school but being that I have lived in Saskatchewan and now in Alberta, I had never had a chance to learn to speak it very well. I read it sort of okay, I think I get the general idea of most of your posts! I really wish that all Canadians would be required to learn both languages, I'd love to be able to speak French! I'll continue to read your blog regardless of what you decide to do! :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. I think I'll continue in french, it would be too complicated for me to write in both language. I tried but I'm never able to say everything I want in english. But, thanks for following me! :-)


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